7-10 DECEMBER 2021



As an important source of food and inorganic matter, the oceans of the world present an enormous, and relatively untapped reserve of genetic resources for humankind known as blue resources. So naturally, the focus needs to be put on the exploration and utilization of ocean resources. In this path and with a sustainable management of these resources, along with better cooperation and coordination across nation-States to promote economic growth, social inclusion, and ecological preservation the Blue Economy concept will be achieved. As defined, the Blue Economy prescribes for the restoration, protection and maintenance of the diversity, productivity, resilience, core functions, and the intrinsic value of marine ecosystems.

The achievement of Blue Economy in the Mediterranean Sea region required adequate comprehensive legal and policy framework with appropriate management tools and operational strategies, which was translated in the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean and its protocols, the convention has called for a Blue Economy to safeguard and promote a clean, healthy, and productive Mediterranean environment.

The emergence of the concept of the Blue Economy has introduced a new dimension to ocean management approaches, which provides Coastal States with considerable opportunities to boost their socio-economic benefits through the sustainable utilization of blue resources.

In the context of a Blue Economy, Marine Spatial Planning , as the process that brings together multiple users of the ocean including energy, industry, government, conservation and recreation to make informed and coordinated decisions, at national, regional and global level, about how to use marine resources sustainably, and the newly developed concept Ecosystem Based Management (EBM), play a very important role in providing the processes, objectives and implementation of the Blue Economy concept , but most importantly, they guarantee and protect the environmental aspects of the oceans, which is the main objective of the Barcelona Convention.